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We are the Law Office of Nichole M. Capraro & Associates, a law firm dedicated to providing legal representation and guidance to Business Establishments who either already have added or are seeking to add Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) to their Businesses! At Capraro Law, we offer a diverse array of services for our equally diverse clients and their needs!

Since being introduced to Illinois in 2012, these machines have rapidly developed into a billion-dollar industry as the revenues have climbed.

*All Figures Obtained From Illinois Gaming Board Annual Reports

As shown above, the revenues earned from these VGTs have increased significantly each year and, as a result, business owners should be cautious and ensure their VGT income is protected.


Video gaming is a rapidly expanding industry with extraordinary business potential and the Illinois Gaming Board has a duty to regulate the gaming industry under the Illinois Video Gaming Act. This means that the Illinois Gaming Board can institute new administrative rules and regulations that all establishments must comply with.

New proposed regulations, as well as any additional proposed regulations in the coming months and years, could significantly impact your business as all Licensed Gaming Establishments would be required to abide by any new rules or regulations that are put into effect! The Video Gaming Industry in Illinois is rapidly evolving so it is important to work with Attorneys who stay up to date on the ever-changing laws of the Illinois Video Gaming Industry.


Compliance with the Illinois Gaming Board is a never-ending concern that should keep all establishment owners on their toes.

  • Were you aware that in 2018, out of all the disciplinary complaints issued by the Illinois Gaming Board, 7% of them were issued against licensed establishments instead of any other licensed groups in the Gaming community?
  • Were you also aware that in 2018 the Illinois Gaming Board reported that they completed more than 5,000 different investigations and more than 9,000 follow-up inspections for compliance?
  • It is clear that the Board is not only prepared to add new rules and regulations, but they are prepared to strictly enforce them as well. If you do not comply with the Board's rules, you, as the licensed establishment owners, are vulnerable and could face serious penalties.
  • The Board's disciplinary actions can range from a minimum fine of $500 all the way up to the revocation of your license! After you work so hard to get Video Gaming Terminals into your establishment, the last thing you want is to be paying out large fines or have your machines taken away!


Whether you are concerned about your establishment maintaining compliance through the complex statutory and regulatory scheme of the Illinois Gaming Board or you are interested in opening a new establishment that will include VGTs, the Law Office of Nichole M. Capraro & Associates offers the services you will need. As a small Suburban firm, we offer the individualized attention that each local gaming establishment in the Suburbs deserves. Some of the services we offer gaming establishments are:

  • Obtaining video gaming licenses.
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Internal Investigations for Compliance.
  • Developing compliance plans.
  • Representing clients in local government proceedings.
  • Representing clients in Administrative proceedings.
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts.
  • Representing clients in maintaining their licenses.
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Advice for Business Ventures in Video Gaming
  • Representing clients in any litigation arising from their VGTs
  • Maintaining corporate books

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