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Probate Administration

At Capraro Law, we will diligently seek to uphold the validity of existing wills, and in cases where there is no will, we will work with the closest kin in disbursing assets in a fair and appropriate manner, according to the laws of the state of Illinois. We will assist in collecting all real estate, personal property and income owed to the deceased in order to pay remaining taxes, debts and other claims. We will help your family settle disputes and distribute any remaining property to the heirs, including legally transferring property titles.

Contested Estate, Will or Trust Lawyer

Probate does not always run smoothly, even with a will or trust in place. Probate litigation can follow if a legal challenge is made to any of these documents. Our attorneys represent both sides of probate litigation and examine all estate planning documents to determine the circumstances of will or trust challenges.

Capraro Law will help our clients dispute involving the administration of wills or trusts. Those involved as administrators of a will or trust, such as executors and trustees, have a legal duty to follow the wishes of the deceased. We can help with accusations of fraud and probate litigation, if necessary, on both sides of a dispute.

Contesting A Will in Illinois

Probate litigation is something family members or beneficiaries may feel the need to pursue if a will has not been administered properly. This can occur when a relative is not included in an inheritance, or when a will has been suspiciously altered before death. Challenging the validity of a will can happen under the following grounds:

Mental Capacity – Challenging whether the testator was of sound mental capacity when the will was executed or revised
Undue Influence – Challenging whether the testator was pressured or forced into creating or rewriting the will
Improper Execution – Challenging whether the will was contracted according to state laws
Fraud – Challenging whether the testator was tricked into signing the will

Challenging a will can prove to be difficult, especially because the testator is deceased. We are skilled in contesting wills and know how to investigate these matters in depth. Our main goal is to protect our clients' rights and to respect the wishes of the testator.

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