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Spousal maintenance, formerly known as alimony or spousal support, is awarded based on many factors including respective earnings of the spouses and duration of a marriage. Maintenance can be awarded permanently or on a temporary basis, in a lump sum, modified, or fixed. At Capraro Law in Oak Park, we have the experience & skill to assist you in reviewing the considerations, as well as establishing maintenance when a marriage fails.

An important factor during a divorce proceeding is to ensure each spouse can continue to have a similar quality of life to that experience during the marriage. In those instances, spousal maintenance is considered and typically paid to the spouse who may have less earning power of financial resources.

The Capraro Law will advocate your best interests when faced with a spousal maintenance matter in Illinois.  We will work to resolve your matter as quickly as possible. When you are faced with a divorce in the state of Illinois, Capraro Law will ensure all aspects of the matter are addressed, including spousal maintenance.

Capraro Law provides insightful & sound legal advice concerning spousal maintenance legal matters. Our advice takes into account the circumstances that the court will consider when determining alimony, including;

  • The length of time the couple was married
  • The health of each of the spouses
  • Each party’s earning potential
  • The projected income of each party in the future
  • Each spouse’s employability and whether or not he or she would require more education to obtain adequate employment
  • The share of a retirement account or pension a spouse could be entitled to
  • The amount of time needed for the party seeking maintenance to gain an ability or greater ability to support themselves

If the court finds that maintenance is appropriate, it can order the award either in accordance with guidelines or in some other fashion. The court must use specific guidelines if the combined gross income of the parties is less than $250,000 and there is no multiple family situation.

At Capraro Law, we offer our guidance with the direction to the drafting of any qualified domestic relations order (QDRO), that might divide retirement funds between spouses. These agreements regularly present difficult problems for even the most experienced practitioners. Instead of risking your own retirement, let Capraro Law act on your behalf to protect your rights when determining alimony & spousal maintenance matters.

If maintenance is an issue in your case, then contact Capraro Law in Oak Park to learn about how the law regarding maintenance applies to your case, the range of possible outcomes, and how to best approach your case in light of your objectives.

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