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High Asset Divorce Lawyers

There is no such thing as a smooth divorce when a lot of money is at stake. Even under the best circumstances, divorce can be difficult, however when a high level of assets or income is involved, complications can increase exponentially. You deserve an attorney with the experience and skill necessary to make sure your case is handled with professionalism, with discreet privacy in mind. If you are involved in a high net worth divorce it is even more crucial to have a divorce attorney by your side highly trained in such issues as: complex taxation, support obligations, tracing of assets including offshore and international accounts, valuation of businesses and other properties, land trusts and other revocable or irrevocable kinds of trusts, premarital agreements, qualified or non-qualified retirement accounts, restricted stock, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, knowledge of tax ramifications, and other complex property distributions.

At Capraro Law, we understand that those involved in a high net worth divorce are not likely to share bank accounts, business assets, investments, and other high value assets. It is essential to have an attorney with the experience and skill to carefully investigate the assets to be separated, determine marital vs. non-marital assets, and obtain the best possible value for all assets involved.

Factors Associated With High Net Worth Divorce

Some of the more common issues associated with high net worth divorces include:

  • Assets--each spouse must be evaluated and properly divided or offset with other assets
  • Value of Business Assets--when 1 spouse participates in a family owned business, or 1 spouse has a medical or legal practice (many determining factors)
  • Future Earning Capacity--of 1 or both spouses must be determined, particularly when professional licenses or degrees were obtained during the marriage.
  • Value of Stocks, Bonds & Real Estate--carefully determined, divided in an equitable manner & transferred when necessary
  • Tax issues--to avoid unnecessary tax issues following the divorce
  • Deferred Compensations--stock options & other corporate benefits must be assessed
  • Retirement Funds--such as pensions, IRA’s and 401K accounts, must be properly assessed and divided
  • High worth assets-- as furnishings, automobiles, jewelry, art pieces, club memberships & vacation properties must be valued and divided
  • Hidden Assets --the assets must be discovered and adjustments made for any dissipation of marital assets
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements--must be assessed and legally adhered to, or contested through appropriate litigation


We Can Handle Your High Net Worth Divorce -- Capraro Law

Capraro Law has the experience in all issues surrounding your high net worth divorce. We will work hard to ensure you and your children can maintain your current lifestyle and protect your privacy following your divorce. Capraro Law will work with professionals in order to properly assess and value all marital assets. We have successfully negotiated and litigated complex cases involving business owners and other professionals. We have gone up against some of the most prestigious law firms in the Chicagoland area. We will use our prior experience to ensure your case is given the proper attention and privacy you demand.

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