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The Complexities Of Business Law

Business owners have many legal needs and require skilled advice to help them reach their short-term and long-term goals. Capraro Law can discuss all of your business needs while providing efficient and cost-effective services.

Capraro Law is dedicated to helping your business achieve long-term success. We give you personal attention and get to know your needs and goals so we can help you make the best decision for yourself and your business. We understand your concerns and know how to address any potential legal issues.

Business Formation Issues Can Be Daunting

We know the legal issues new businesses often encounter when selecting and forming the right entity. Many individuals may try to handle these issues on their own, don’t make this mistake. Come to us to discuss how to form your business and what factors need to be considered to avoid making the wrong decision. We also review and fix mistakes previously made during the formation of your business so you can focus on running your business instead of trying to fix the errors on your own.

Capraro Law will review all the factors that need to be considered when starting a company. We will look at the tax implications, the value of the company, the location of the business and other unique factors that may impact your company’s success.

We work with our clients as partners, our relationship with you is essential and will help us create a unique plan for your business. You can trust us to handle all of your business needs such as creating and reviewing secure contracts.

Business Transactions -- Buying or Selling?

Purchasing or selling a business can be complex. We look at several factors during this process to ensure you get the deal you have agreed to. Some of the factors we review include the tax implications, any business valuations to determine the worth of the business, and documents like shareholder and operating agreements to understand any legal implications.

Capraro Law will review your specific situation to determine the best way to structure the purchase or sale, and make sure any potential issues that may arise are properly addressed before the transaction is complete.

You have invested significant time and resources into establishing a successful business. Now that you are looking to sell your business interests, you deserve to secure a successful sale. One of the most important aspects of a sale is correctly valuing your business. While difficult, either overpricing or underpricing your business can negatively impact your ability to secure a buyer or make a profit. Capraro Law understands the intricacies of selling a business and can help you avoid the potential pitfalls.

Assistance Purchasing An Existing Business

Purchasing an existing business is a lengthy process that requires significant research and business analysis. Capraro Law can help you evaluate your business opportunities and successfully execute the process, if favorable. If the seller presents you with a buy-sell agreement or other type of contract, we can carefully consider its contents to identify areas of concern and negotiate a favorable contract on your behalf.

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